Bugging Out: Take Control of Those Mosquitoes

We’re always bragging about our a fabulous South Louisiana weather, aren’t we? Along with great cuisine and colorful culture, our extended summers and mild winters are certainly great perks, but there’s one drawback: mosquitoes! Jokingly referred to as our state bird, mosquitoes are certainly annoying, but they can also transmit illnesses, like the dreaded Zika […] read more

Healthy, Fast & Easy: Have it all with Core Meals

Once upon a time, a busy person’s only options for a quick dinner were unhealthy fast food and tasteless frozen food. Neither is especially appealing, and both get old really quickly. In recent years, national and even international meal delivery services have sprung up, offering quick, healthy alternatives. This is all well and good, but […] read more

Fish Nutrish: Louisiana Seafood Nutritional Values

One of the many reasons we’re lucky to live in South Louisiana is our access to fresh seafood. (If you’ve ever lived in a land-locked location, you know how awful it can taste after it’s been frozen and shipped over long distances.) Not only does it taste great, but it’s a low fat, high protein […] read more

The Thrill of the Grill

Between the pool parties, outdoor entertaining, and the desire to ditch the hot, confining kitchen — summer is prime grilling season! And while seafood and vegetables are perfectly respectable options, nothing beats carnivorous cuisine. You could certainly head over to your nearby chain grocery store for a basic meat selection, but for those special occasions […] read more

Refresh Your Exercise Regimen

Variety is not only the spice of life, it’s the key to keep from getting bored with your fitness routine, and reaching the dreaded fitness plateau. For a challenging and healthy exercise regimen, it’s important to diversify your workouts and include the five main elements of fitness: aerobic exercise, strength training, core exercises, balance training, […] read more

Fitness & Fun for All

No matter your age or marital/family status, there’s no excuse for sitting around like a couch potato all summer when there’s a world class recreational complex in Hammond to suit your sporting needs. Chappapeela Sports Park, located within the city limits at 19325 Hipark Boulevard, contains an indoor gymnasium for basketball and volleyball, plus outdoor […] read more