Well Oiled

A Well-Oiled Machine: Conventional vs. Synthetic When it comes to food and personal care products, it’s pretty much always best to go with the less processed options that are closest to their natural form. But motor oil is a different story. Conventional oil is derived directly from crude oil, while the synthetic variety is the […] read more


Quality of Life for Aging Veterans According to a 2013 census, there are over 9.3 million military veterans age 65 or older living in the United States. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude for serving in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Persian Gulf. But, beyond gratitude, and in addition to medical […] read more

Credit Unions: Time to Make the Switch?

Raise your hand if you’re among the 74% of Americans with only “some or very little confidence” in banks. Keep ‘em up if you still keep your money in an aforementioned bank.   Despite the fact that credit unions don’t take risks with your money, charge lower fees, get slightly higher interest rates on deposit […] read more

5 Tips for an Amicable Divorce

Deciding to end your marriage is never easy or pleasant, but that doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. It’s especially important to avoid unnecessary acrimony if there are children involved. According to Peaceful Mediation, a multi-state (not in Louisiana) divorce mediation service, there are five important steps for orchestrating an amicable divorce. Step 1: […] read more

5 Tips for Will & Estate Planning

Raise your hand if you actually enjoy contemplating your own demise. No takers? Of course, not — nobody does! But estate planning is a necessary task to ensure that things are carried out the way you want, and that your grieving loved ones aren’t saddled with a huge legal hassle. According to Investors.com, these are […] read more

Hurricane Prep Checklist

Hurricane Season is officially here. Are you ready? Think like a boy scout: be prepared! Many items on the Red Cross’s checklist need your attention long before the actual watches or warnings are issued, so take some time to review it in advance. Before the storm: ❏ Be sure your homeowner’s insurance covers flooding associated […] read more

Safeguarding Important Documents

After a hurricane, when you’re without power and you’re trying to assess the damage to your home or business… this is NOT the time to start searching for important documents! Now is the time to consider how best to safeguard vital info. To keep an online copy, you can either purchase a scanner or bring […] read more