Much Ado About the Flu

While we’re slowly easing out of hurricane season, flu season is sneaking in. There’s no way to inoculate yourself against unpredictable weather, but you can certainly do you best to protect against that dreaded annual viral infection! Do you have questions? We have answers, courtesy of the CDC…   When should I get vaccinated? Flu […] read more

Trick or Treat & Healthy Teeth

It’s almost Halloween, and you know what that means… candy! It’s everywhere you look this time of year, and if you are a trick-or-treat enabler, it’ll be in your house soon, if it isn’t already. Don’t fret. While sweets aren’t exactly good for you, some are better than others. You just have to choose wisely! […] read more

A New Spin on the Old Workout

Feeling inspired by the Tour de Tangipahoa, coming up on September 16? If you want to train for this, or other cycling events, or if you simply prefer indoor cardio, how about a spin class? When you take part in these rigorous, but low-impact instructor-led stationary bike classes, you: Burn Calories Build Muscle Tone Increase […] read more

Autumn’s Beautiful Bounty

Despite our seemingly endless steamy weather, summer will soon make way for fall. The kids are back in school, the days are getting shorter, and everyone’s front yards and homes will soon be festooned with all those ubiquitous pumpkins, squash, and gourds. Beyond looking festive, does this autumnal produce have any redeeming qualities? Yes, and […] read more

Healthy, Fast & Easy: Have it all with Core Meals

Once upon a time, a busy person’s only options for a quick dinner were unhealthy fast food and tasteless frozen food. Neither is especially appealing, and both get old really quickly. In recent years, national and even international meal delivery services have sprung up, offering quick, healthy alternatives. This is all well and good, but […] read more

Refresh Your Exercise Regimen

Variety is not only the spice of life, it’s the key to keep from getting bored with your fitness routine, and reaching the dreaded fitness plateau. For a challenging and healthy exercise regimen, it’s important to diversify your workouts and include the five main elements of fitness: aerobic exercise, strength training, core exercises, balance training, […] read more

Brush Up on First Aid & CPR for Summer

Summer’s rising temperatures and increase in outdoor sports and activities can present problems on their own, but combine them, and you’ve got a whole new set of circumstances that could lead to illness and injury. According to WebMD, there are the top 7 summer hazards: Lawnmower injuries Boating accidents Dehydration Sunburn Picnic food poisoning Fireworks […] read more

Caring for Summer Skin

As you enjoy all of summer’s outdoor activities and, heaven forbid, sunbathing — don’t neglect your skin! Summer can be brutal on the epidermis, but you can take some simple steps to protect and soothe your delicate outer layer. Keep skin hydrated with moisturizers and revitalizing toner spritzes Exfoliate for smoother skin that more easily […] read more