Northshore Fall for Fun & Fun for All

While it’s true, many autumn activities and attractions are generally geared towards kids, why should they have all the fun? We’re lucky enough to have several local farms that go all out with fall festivities for all ages, from hayrides to corn mazes to to farm animal races and shows. Mrs. Heather’s Pumpkin Patch (Hammond) […] read more

No More Warring Over Flooring

It’s an eternal debate in the home improvement arena — carpet versus flooring. Which is better? Which adds value? Which detracts? Well, as it turns out, there are plenty of pros and cons for each. Hardwood, tile, and laminate options are often credited with being more hypo-allergenic, while many people prefer carpet for noise reduction […] read more

Bugging Out: Take Control of Those Mosquitoes

We’re always bragging about our a fabulous South Louisiana weather, aren’t we? Along with great cuisine and colorful culture, our extended summers and mild winters are certainly great perks, but there’s one drawback: mosquitoes! Jokingly referred to as our state bird, mosquitoes are certainly annoying, but they can also transmit illnesses, like the dreaded Zika […] read more

Superb Herbs: Growing a Cocktail Herb Garden

With the rise of the “craft cocktail,” people are getting more and more experimental with their ingredients, often infusing herbs into the liquor or muddling them right in the glass. If you’re not exactly an enthusiastic gardener, this may be just the right incentive you need to give it a whirl. You can use almost […] read more

5 Tips for Will & Estate Planning

Raise your hand if you actually enjoy contemplating your own demise. No takers? Of course, not — nobody does! But estate planning is a necessary task to ensure that things are carried out the way you want, and that your grieving loved ones aren’t saddled with a huge legal hassle. According to, these are […] read more