Well Oiled

Well Oiled

A Well-Oiled Machine: Conventional vs. Synthetic

When it comes to food and personal care products, it’s pretty much always best to go with the less processed options that are closest to their natural form. But motor oil is a different story. Conventional oil is derived directly from crude oil, while the synthetic variety is the result of more advanced refining processes. Which is better?

According to Consumer Reports, many automakers require vehicle owners to use synthetic motor oil because it’s designed to be more effective at resisting breakdowns, withstanding high temperatures, and flowing in cold temperatures — all of which results in fewer oil changes and can extend the life of your engine. The downside, however, is that synthetic motor oil can cost two to four times as much as regular oil. It’s helpful, but is it necessary? The bottom line: unless your owner’s manual specifies synthetic, it comes down to personal preference.

Still unsure? Here are some local oil change services that could be of assistance:

SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service (Hammond)

1301 N. Morrison Boulevard

(985) 662-3338; www.speedeeoil.com

Take 5 Oil Change (Hammond)

112 S. Morrison Boulevard

(985) 269-0866; www.take5oilchange.com

Breezy Quick Lube (Amite City)

204 W. Palmetto Street

(985) 748-8532