Swim for Your Life

Swim for Your Life

Living in South Louisiana means having summer weather way past what the calendar dictates, and almost always being near water. As such, now is as good a time as any to make sure you’re up to snuff on water safety. Namely: swimming.

Can you:

(1) tread water or float for a minute?

(2) jump into deep water and come up for air?

(3) spin around in the water and find a way out?

(4) get out of a pool without a ladder?

(5) swim one pool length without stopping?

According to the Red Cross, more than half of all Americans cannot perform these potentially life-saving tasks. But it’s never too late for swimming lessons. The following local swim schools are happy to teach adults.


The Seahorse Swim School (Hammond)

1606 South Magnolia Street

(504) 256-6554; www.slst-seahorses.com


Riptide Swim Club (Hammond)

45246 Country Club Road

(985) 345-2387; www.riptideswimclub.org