Laid-Back Lawn Games for Summer

The clanging of horseshoes, the whoosh of a badminton racket, the clunk of a croquet mallet against the wooden ball. Do these unmistakable sounds bring back nostalgic memories for you? They’re the simple, classic games that transformed boring backyards into fields of fun back in the day. But, why are we talking in past tense? […] read more

When the Rubber Meets the Road

‘Tis the season to think about… tires. For real, and here’s why: Hurricane season kicks off this month. About 91% of summer travel happens in personal vehicles. Underinflated or worn tires greatly increase your risk of an accident. When it comes to hurricanes, we usually think about the supplies we’ll need to stock up on […] read more

Fitness & Fun for All

No matter your age or marital/family status, there’s no excuse for sitting around like a couch potato all summer when there’s a world class recreational complex in Hammond to suit your sporting needs. Chappapeela Sports Park, located within the city limits at 19325 Hipark Boulevard, contains an indoor gymnasium for basketball and volleyball, plus outdoor […] read more

The Micro-Camper Trend: Downsizing the Recreational Vehicle

If you love the idea of hitting the open road this spring break or summer in an RV, but the massive size of those behemoths is too overwhelming, you’re in luck. Whether you’re turned off by the gas mileage or intimidated by the thought of maneuvering such an enormous machine through traffic and into campsites, […] read more